Ecological Initiatives - Green India

INDIA should have a MISSION to achieve a minimum production of 360 million (MT) of food grain in next two decades. To meet
  • Domestic consumptions.
  • Leave sufficient margin for exports.
  • Crisis managment corpus.
  • To Aid other countries.

Source: Envisioning an Empowered Nation

The present agriculture scenario ->   As per the study made;

  • Farmer are still using old traditional farming system mostly.
  • Gap in use of modern technology in field and Agro Labs.
  • Lack of knowledge & awareness.
  • Lack of Training and skill.
  • Young rural population migrating to city & metros for alternative jobs.
  • Agriculture is still remains as unorganized sector.
  • Lack of mission.
  • Facing high input cost & low productivity.
  • Missing link between farmers and knowledge professional in area.
  • Lack of dissemination of Information.
  • Poor Infrastructure in rural areas.
  • Low or nil ICT use for information and education.

Efforts were made by government and other agency but more need to be done.

Strategy for Employment Generation

The Indore Airport have vast land out of operational area

  • With trees bushs and grass.
  • Birds and animals risking to air traffic.
The target can be achieved by deploying
  • High technology.
  • Agricultural equipment.
  • Bio technology.
  • Alternative agriculture.
  • Training.
  • Knowledge form LABS to fields.

This will lead to high agricultural productivity with net results of higher GDP.

The Issue
  • India is a agro : Economic country.
  • Over the period of time since green revolution the input cost gradually increased.
  • The output are not resulted proportional increase in ago-income.
  • Land reduction due to urbanization.

Government & farmers have to face these problems and has to work for increase productivity to meet growing demand.

An efforts to address the issue

The first step, Taking inspiration from the vision of H.E APJ Kalam President of India as he illustrated in his book Envisioning an Empowered Nation Value addition in agriculture. NICT agro Labs project is an effort to practically demonstrate the vision and model in the area of agriculture leading to the developed nation.