Ecological Initiatives - Green India

The Indore Airport have vast land out of operational area

The idea flows from DIRECTOR : Airport INDORE to use this waste land effectively so as to manage the land in a way that it help reducing risk to air traffic and the work should have some societal advantage too at large. In response to the call NICT (NGO) with its mission & objective Technology for societal development Bid to take up the land for the purpose.

NICT propose to practically demonstrate the model of agriculture as per the vision illustrate by H.E. APJ Kalam President of India, "For India a developed country"
An Integrated Action for Developed India
Agriculture and agro - food processing :
  • A target of 360 million tonnes of food and agricultural production per annum is aimed. It would bring prosperity to the rural people and speed-up the economic growth.
  • Education and healthcare.
  • Information and communication technology.
  • Infrastructure, including electric power.
  • Strategic industries and critical technology.
Kissan Information Kiosk

Under the project NICT will establish kissan information center at its office and at villages and the learning's from these labís will be disseminated to them in the area of modern technology in agriculture.

NICT associates in project
  • AAI Indore Airport.
  • Agriculture college INDORE.
  • Agriculture Eng. Directorate Indore.
  • District Administration and Zila Panchayt.
  • Agro-Fertilizer Companies.
  • Seed Development and Genetic Engineering Organization.
The Key areas of work in the project
  • Soil characterization to suit the seed.
  • Developing hybrid seed.
  • Demonstration of use of appropriate:-
    • Seed, fertilizers.
    • Bio fertilizers and pesticide.
    • Water management.
    • Farmer training.
    • Crop managment.
    • Post harvest managment.
    • Marketing.
Mission mode-second green revolution success depends on collaborative efforts

The NICT Agro labs project aims to open new avenues in agriculture in organized sector as a corporate business venture for youths and to make farmers open to innovation and receptive to advance technology in the area.

Learning's from the project as aimed
  • Indias economic growth depends on agriculture.
  • Modern technologies integrated with agriculture and Argo-food industry will revolution the sector.
  • Produce large scale employment and wealth in rural area monitory.
  • The model will demonstrate that network of resource can import a non linear progressive addition to development and growth.
Project started with the preparation of land for agriculture

By removing small tree such as Babul/Shurbs growing all over the area and by breaking visioning and space for birds to sit.

                "Land Before Preparation"                 "Land After Preparation" The second step is to plan the land for cultivation making it even. Land is planed to be divided in following Sectors;

Cash crop, Herbal medicine, Herbal cosmetic, Flower belt, Vegetable Seed production, Masala (Mirchi, Daniya etc)

     Final look of AAI land at "Indore Airport"

IT is said that When user, implementers, as well as knowledge and skill possessors are linked and networked the success comes effectively and in multiples