Ecological Initiatives - Green India

Ecological Initiatives at AAI, Indore Airport

In Association With Airport Authority of India, Indore Airport & NICT presents project Green India.

Why - Agro Projects ?

India's consumption of food would double by 2020 were as the land available for cultivation would further reduce. It means that lesser area and lesser water, India has to double the production only by Technology and Farm Management.

Employment in agriculture shows reducing patterns
  • In 1980's, the agriculture sector employed partially or full 70% of people.
  • This figure reduces to 65% by 1994 and expected further fall by 60% by 2012.
  • This reduction in manpower in agriculture need to be addresser timely and the answer to this is Green Revolution.

Vision for Developed Nation

The issue need to by taken up in mission mode

"Steps are require to train skilled human resources on technology to meet the goal."

Source: Envisioning an Empowered Nation

Technology for societal transformation: By Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam.
The Green Revolution

"Increased productivity through technology and effective post harvest management."

Fact Remains
  • Food grains and products provide self-sufficiency in food.
  • Nation security, enhance Geo-Political & Geo-Commercial value.
  • First green revolution made India self reliable in food needs by producing 200 million tones.