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e-Governance Initiatives

NICT Supporting National e-Governance plan in Madhya Pradesh

e-Governance is the use of ICT ( Information & Communication Technology ) by different sections of the society aiming to improve information and service delivery, encourage citizen participation and make government more accountable, transparent and cost effective.The Govt. of India has launched the National e-Governance Plan (NeGP) to transform governance into e-Governance.The NeGP comprises of three core components for

  • State Data Centre (SDC)
  • State Wide Area Networks (SWAN)
  • Common Service Centre (CSC)
NICT - Service Centre Agency (SCA)

NICT is setting up 2158 CSCs in Madhya Pradesh. NICT has established separate "CSC Project" teams for Indore & Ujjain Division of M.P. at District Level and Block Level for implementation of the project. The advertisement, publicity and awareness campaigns are designed and launched by the NICT. Comprehensive VLE Training Structure is conducted from Divisional Level to Block Level for capacity building of the VLEs in different phases. Tie-ups with various Service Providers are also done by the NICT at National Level for the entire network.

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